Dr Wilkinson’s practice team will ensure that on the days of your consultation(s) and surgery, you are provided with all the information you need to be informed and prepared for your treatment. This patient information summary will provide you with a helpful outline of what to anticipate.

Our practice team will step you through the necessary processes when you are ready as they can seem confusing and overwhelming at first due to the way the Australian healthcare system is structured. Rest assured that we always endeavour to make all the steps as manageable as possible for our patients.

Organising your consultation

  • In order to arrange a specialist consultation with Dr Wilkinson, you will need to have had an appointment with a general practitioner (GP) who may also advise you to have some preliminary tests.
  • Then, either you may have seen the GP to receive some or all of the results, or the GP may have provided you with a referral to Dr Wilkinson and arranged for the results to be sent to him.
  • Once you have a referral you will be able to call Dr Wilkinson’s rooms to make an appointment with the help of our practice team.

Preparing for your consultation

  • Be sure to bring your referral letter and any test results including imaging. Please bring the actual films or discs, not just the report.
  • If you would like to, you are welcome to bring a support person.
  • If you are able to, you can download and complete our New Patient Information Form and either email or post it a few days prior to your appointment, or bring it with you on the day.

During your consultation

  • Dr Wilkinson will assess your situation, taking a full history and performing a physical examination. He will consider a diagnosis and explain options of care for you. This may include more tests or preferred dates for surgery, if indicated. You may also receive some printed information relevant to your situation.

After your consultation

  • Immediately following your consultation, our practice team will provide an account to you, payable on the day.
  • If you require surgery, our practice team will provide to you, either immediately after the consultation or a few days after by post:
    • Information issued by the hospital where your surgery will take place. This may include forms you will need to complete that are required for surgery to proceed. You may then need to post completed forms to the hospital or take them with you on the day of surgery.
    • Information issued by Dr Wilkinson’s practice team that will provide you with an explanation of fees. This will include Dr Wilkinson’s surgical fee, the surgical assistant’s fee and contact details of the designated anaesthetist so you can contact them directly for their estimated fees.


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